Eco-Friendly and Energy Efficient Heating Systems for the Modern Home

Solar HeaterIn Sandy, a heating system in your home is a requirement. After all, there are nights when temperature drops can be unbearable. However, utility bills do rise along with your heating system’s thermostat, so you have to find cheaper, energy-efficient heating alternatives.

Solar Power

You have active and passive solar options. Active solar power involves using solar cells to harness sunlight, which is then turned into electricity stored for use. It can involve a heating system up in your roof rafters for water heating.

Passive solar heating means heating your home without the solar setup required in active solar sources. This includes using thermal mass material, such as concrete or stone, to store and harness the heat from the sun. Adding large windows to your south wall can also provide warmth from indirect sunlight.

Hydronic System

This is similar to how the old-fashioned radiators worked to heat up a room. Hydronic heating uses water pumped through pipes running under the floor. The water goes back to the radiator or boiler, then back to the pipes traversing the entire house. It heats up the whole structure through conduction, convection, and radiated heat. Solar and geothermal energy may also fuel this system.

Heat Pumps

This method of heating is one of the most effective, energy-efficient, and eco-friendly systems today. Heat pumps draw out heat from the ground or from the air.

Air-source heat pumps take heat from the atmosphere, draw it into the house, augment it with an installed refrigeration system, then distribute it to all the areas of your home via a duct or pipe system. Meanwhile, geothermal heat pumps take the heat from a system buried beneath the ground.

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These are but three green options among the dozens of other choices. For the sake of the environment, and of your finances, aim for an energy efficient home.