Effective Removal and Prevention of Ice Dams on the Roof of American Homes

Ice dam in a houseIn America alone, direct damage and problems from water leaks due to ice dams cause millions of dollars in repairs each year. Dislodged shingles and stained ceilings may not seem much, but sagging gutters and peeling paint adds to the cost. Unchecked damage leads to even bigger problems.

The first question you must ask to avoid high repair costs is, “Do you have an ice dam on the roof?” RTD Ice Dam Removal shares some information about this type of problem.

What are ice dams?

Some roofs are more prone to developing ice dams due to their orientation and angulation. Looking for signs of ice dams should be part of the routine maintenance checks every winter. Make it a habit to monitor ice formations on the edge of the roof. It is better to observe the formation at roof level and check whether there is a buildup of water behind the icicles hanging from the gutters.

Your initial concern may be whether the icicles hanging from the gutters are likely to fall onto someone’s head. Yet, it is also important to consider bigger problems, such as water damage.

Dealing with ice dams

Once the presence of ice dams is confirmed, you must deal with them effectively. The best thing to do is to keep your hand away from an ax or a hammer. Instead of trying to remove the stubborn ice formation, contact snow removal services and let the pros deal with the situation.

Preventing ice dams

It is never too late to learn how to prevent ice dams from forming. Before the next winter sets in, you must try to keep the problem from developing on your roof again. In terms of prevention, three of the most important areas to pay attention to are gutter maintenance, improving attic ventilation and insulation, and minimizing the sources of heat in the attic.

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Freezing weather can cause ice dam formation on the roof. According to professionals, the best solution to this problem is prevention.