Eliminating Bed Bugs in Your Homes Can Be Extremely Difficult

Bed bugThe bad news is that bed bugs can easily enter your home. Possible worse news is that bed bug bites can be so distressing; causing so much itchiness that getting sleep becomes very difficult. The condition may become worse when these bites are scratched vigorously to the point of skin breaking.

Even worse news, bed bug bites come with a rash that comes in clusters. What one can do is to seek relief using creams and other medications intended to resolve the itchiness and rashes quickly. A doctor’s attention may even be required when these scratches are infected.

To top it all off, elimination of bed bugs is extremely difficult due to the following reasons:

Bed Bugs are Difficult to Locate 

These pests are very small and they can hide in tiny spaces, like under the bed, bag linings, behind wall papers, and even under electrical switches. They can be invisible to the eyes that locating these pests can be almost impossible. The only solution is hiring services for bed bug control, Sandy and other parts of Utah is not lacking in professionals that offer the service.

Bed Bugs Multiply Rapidly

One female bed bug can lay about 500 eggs in one span. And these offspring may then multiply at the same rate in just a few months. At this rate of reproduction, it becomes awfully hard to catch up with them. As it is, eliminating just one bed bug may require a herculean effort.

Bed Bugs Can Sense Chemicals

Bed bugs are known to have the ability to sense chemical odors and may avoid going to areas where pesticides have been used. It has been suggested by some scientists that these pests have even developed resistance to some insecticides.

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Addressing the Problem of Bed Bugs

While certain measures, such as cleaning of beds and bags may be taken, experience shows that this is not enough to get rid of bed bugs. Some of these pests have found areas that are difficult to clean. What is required is the assistance of the experts who have the skills and experience in implementing bed bug and pest control.