Employee Productivity: The Role of Temperature

Workplace TemperatureStudies suggest that it is hard to focus on a task when the temperature gets too cold or hot. It directly affects productivity, as all the person could think of is how uncomfortable the temperature is. Employees, according to research, are more prone to making errors when the room temperature is less than ideal.

When employees are sweating or can’t feel their fingers, output and creativity significantly drop. This is because room temperature has a direct effect on work productivity. It is noted that the ideal setting that can generate productivity is between 70F and 73F, with others contending that productivity is at its best when the temperature is around 77F.

Too Hot or Too Cold

Salt Lake City commercial air conditioning companies say accuracy and efficiency suffer when it’s too hot or cold. Employees who use keyboards, according to studies, are more productive and have fewer errors when the temperature is 77F instead of 66F. Setting the temperature above 77F, however, is not ideal, as it results in poor employee performance.

Promoting Thermal Comfort

Thermal comfort is the state of the mind that expresses satisfaction with the environment. Employees are thermally comfortable when they are not conscious of being too cold or hot. This is subjective, as conditions that are comfortable for one person may not be to another one. Ensuring thermal comfort will require alterations so that an AC system won’t have to compete with a high radiant heat source.

Finding Suitable Temperature

Increasing productivity in the workplace is more about finding a suitable temperature that everyone can agree on. Employees should be discouraged sneaking around or changing the temperature setting when no one is looking. Those who easily gets cold should always keep a sweater or a jacket handy, which is beneficial when the temperature seems too low.

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Workplace temperatures don’t just affect comfort and health. It also plays a role in employee performance, with the right setting promoting productivity. If you’re a company owner, it is essential to maintain moderate temperatures, with low humidity and better air quality.