Enjoying the Green Life: Use GECA-Accredited Products

House InteriorOver the years, the number of people who want to save the environment has doubled. Apart from implementing green practices, people are turning to eco-friendly product alternatives. Among these are GECA-accredited products.

The professionals of CustomGreen.com.au shares some things you need to know about eco-friendly products if you want to change the world for the better:

GECA Accreditation

Good Environmental Choice Australia, or GECA, is responsible for developing set standards and certifying products that are proven to have a lesser impact on the health of people and the environment. Choosing GECA-accredited products is a great way to show your concern about the environment. These little day-to-day efforts make a difference in preventing bigger problems, such as global warming and waste management.

The GECA Process

To guarantee the eco-friendly features of products, GECA only declares their approval after a thorough assessment. Compared to other accreditations or labels, GECA also takes into account how each product will have an impact on the environment. This comprises what the products are made of (raw materials) and how they will eventually be disposed.

Assessing Effects in Health

The products around you can affect your health in one way or another. That is why eco-conscious people are using environment friendly home designs to keep families safe from the hazards of non-GECA-certified products. Studies prove that GECA-accredited products do not have any effect on a person’s health. The assessment process involves checking for the presence of toxic chemical, like volatile organic compounds (VOC) or carcinogenic substances.

The simplest acts will ultimately influence change in due time. If you want to save the environment and keep your family healthy at the same time, start on your path to a green life. Check if the products you are using are GECA-accredited before buying them, especially the construction and cleaning products for the home.

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