Essential Home Additions to Make Room for Your Large Dog

Large DogLarge dogs usually have the general impression of being huggable and friendly, which makes them favourable pets for some. Your house should be able to accommodate such a large canine for both of you to feel at ease with each other. That said, here are a few basic additions for your house.


Since large dogs need a lot of exercise outside, include a mudroom near one of your main doors. Place your dog-walking and dog-cleaning equipment there, along with your outside things for easy access when you walk your furry friend. You can have grates or tiles instead of the usual flooring, which would lead to a drainage system. This can greatly minimise the amount of work you’ll do to clean your dog’s mess.

Integrated Sleeping Area

Because of their size, large dogs would find it difficult to just plop anywhere in your house to sleep. Convert one of the usually unused areas in your house, like under the stairs, into their own private sleeping area. Your dog will feel that it’s been given its own territory while you maximise your home’s square footage. Experts from Planet Timbers say hardwood flooring is the best choice for its non-porous quality and durability, which makes cleaning and maintenance a lot easier.

Integrated Feeding Area

Large dogs eat a lot of food and, depending on how your dog eats, it can get a bit messy when feeding time comes. Create a feeding area with food and water bowls integrated into your home’s design. Make sure they don’t get in the way of any normal traffic or domestic activity. You can also put in a custom storage area for the dogfood, so you don’t have to deal with spills from handling a cardboard or plastic sack.

These additions are not just dog-friendly, but owner-friendly as well. Having a large dog as a family member need not be stressful. As long as you share the love and the house, you are assured of a wonderful household.