Even the Tiniest Leak Can Cost You Hundreds of Dollars

Water Leaks Leaks in the plumbing system are very common in Gold Coast homes. Although most of these are only small, leaving them unfixed can have serious consequences, especially when the damage is in the pipes.

Small Leaks That Turn Into Huge Cracks

Keep in mind that you use water in your home every day, which means that water is continuously running through this faulty pipe. In just a short amount of time, the continuous pressure a damaged pipe receives can make the tiny crack become bigger.

The longer you delay the repairs, the more problems you’ll face, as major cracks can cause the pipes to give way or even burst. Experienced plumbers in Gold Coast would tell you to take action as soon as you discover a faulty pipe.

Clean Water Leaks Spike Your Water Bills

Leaks are also common culprits of shockingly high water bills. Even the smallest damage in your main water supply line can cause this. Every time you use the faucet, shower or flush the toilet, water is dripping from this faulty pipe, leading to its wastage and a higher water consumption rate.

Potential for Water Damage

Failure to have that small leak repaired as soon as possible increases your risk of dealing with burst pipes. When this happens, the possibility of severe water damage in your home becomes greater.

Note that this water spewing everywhere may not be clean; if the burst pipe is part of the drainage or sewer line, this water is likely contaminated with disease-causing microorganisms. Additionally, if the water gets into electrical outlets, you’re also in danger of being electrocuted.

Small leaks in the plumbing system should not be ignored. Once you notice any part of it leaking, call a licensed plumber immediately. This way, you can limit the risks associated with delayed repairs.