Find the Right Air Conditioning System for Your Office

An AC System for the OfficeMost Australians use a split-system air conditioning unit at home. It is an efficient type of cooling system that is popular these days. However, despite its popularity, should you have it for your office as well?

While a good air conditioner service can help you choose the right system, it is best to be familiar with the factors that go into the decision of choosing the right one. Conduct Air Conditioning presents some tips that can help you pick the most appropriate air conditioning system for your office.

Find the Right Size and Type

There are four main types of air conditioning systems in Australia. You have the split system, wall/window, reverse-cycle or cooling only, and inverter technology air conditioners. Choosing one depends on the size of the room you are going to install it.

The Equipment Energy Efficiency Program (E3) suggests that buyers should check with a professional air conditioning specialist on which type and size to get. The reverse-cycle model is the most effective in cooling off large spaces.

Look at the Stars

You have to look at the star ratings of air conditioners, which is called the Energy Rating Label. It indicates the efficiency of cooling systems by providing the number of stars from one to ten. The more stars an air conditioning system has, the more efficient it is in cooling your office space.

However, ducted air conditioning systems are not required to put an Energy Rating Label. This means that you might come across certain products that do not have one. You can refer instead to the GEMS (Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards) Registration Database for the energy rating of all products in Australia.

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Consider the Installation Costs

After deciding which system to buy, you have to narrow down your list based on the installation costs of each unit. Not all air conditioners include installation in their total cost. However, you can still opt to hire an air conditioner service that offers installation only.

Once everything is in place, make sure to maintain your system to make it last a long time.