Five Ways to Host a Stress-Free Christmas Party This December

Christmas Decorations in St. PaulYou might not have called the shots about holding this year’s holiday gathering at your place, but rejecting the task after years of saying no will make you the Scrooge of the year.

Organizing parties may seem stressful, but here are five ways you can host a no-fuss yet unforgettable year-ender bash:

1. Get Organized.

Santa Claus would not have delivered those gifts to the children if not for his handy Naughty or Nice List. Creating a checklist of things to do will shorten your preparation time. Knowing what to do and when to do it will speed things up for you.

2. Play with Décor.

Putting up Christmas decorations is one of the best parts of celebrating the Yuletide season. Having a professional install the Christmas lights will surely get your guests into the holiday spirit – and you need not lift a finger.

3. Prepare Easy Meals.

Do not worry about grandiosity. During Christmas celebrations, great company is more important than great food. Just don’t starve your guests. Martha Stewart has a collection of effortless holiday recipes you can try without tiring yourself out this Christmas.

4. Ready the Drinks.

Wipe the dirt off that bottle of wine that has been sitting on your shelf the entire year, and place it in the refrigerator. Ask your guests to bring their own preferred liquor, too, so that they have a say on what to toast with that night.

5. Final Touches.

Like the great host that you are, run a feather duster over your table tops and counters before you let any of the guests in. Give your floors a quick and light sweep just to rid your house of dust. Set the table, play some music, and you are good to go.

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Each celebration is different, so feel free to skip things that you might not need to do. When hosting a party, the last and not the least important thing is to have fun with your guests. If you are having a blast, they will have fun, too.