Flooded House? Simple Hacks to Reclaim Your Home

Flooded Home in UtahFlooding wreaks havoc in the lives of many residents in Utah, leaving them scared and unsure how to proceed. After an episode of a hurricane or heavy rains, most residents have to contend with flooded houses and the resultant water damage. In addition to wrecking damage to household items such as TV sets and other gadgets, sofas, rugs and couches, water also causes significant damage to the houses.

Stay safe

When the flooding level seems too great and threatens the safety of a household, consider looking for an alternative place to shelter from the storm. Make sure to turn on the power supply to the house at the mains and eliminate electrocution risks. If the flooding occurs in the lower part of the house, consider salvaging some of the items before they suffer damage.

Take pictures

It might seem trivial considering the amount of work that you have to do before your home is habitable again but it is of great importance to take pictures. If you carry an insurance cover against flood damage, these images help the carrier to assess the damage. Before calling the experts on flood cleanup, industry professional AAA Restoration says that it’s important to document the damage. Digital photographs are easy to copy, store and share. Cleaning up before taking the pictures can reduce the amount of coverage you receive.

Drain the water

Sump pumps or bailing with buckets removes the water from the house, granting you access to the flooded area. If it is too much, hire an expert to drain the water and reduce the time your house stays soaked in dirty water. Sometimes the floodwater contains contaminants that could endanger your health. Clear all the mud and debris from the house and reclaim any items that are still in relatively good condition.

Guard against mold and mildew

These two health hazards set in within two days after a flood. Have an expert inspect your house for mold and mildew and protect your family from health complications. Serious infestations could lead to life-threatening pulmonary infections.

Floods undoubtedly cause untold damage to properties and could lead to greater problems when left neglected. As a homeowner, you must know what’s the right thing to do.