Floor Maintenance: A Few Tips and Tricks

Floor Maintenance in Auckland Your floors are like your skin. It’s the largest organ in the body. It’s the first thing people notice when they enter your homes. And it makes a huge and lasting impression. Whatever kind of floor material you have—wood, concrete, marble etc. — there are simple things you can do to protect it from wear and tear.

Here are some tips.

Use doormats

Doormats have one purpose. Keep the dirt and grime, which can damage your floor’s finish, out of the house. Not to mention bacteria and germs. Make house rules for the family and guests: use them.

Find ways to prevent scratches

Do you know that your furry pets’ toenails can cause floor scratches? Yes! Clip and buff regularly. Furniture legs can also take its toll on your floors. Use felt pads. There are decorative ones you can buy or make DIY.

Be careful when cleaning

Cleaning products that contain wax, vinegar, polish, and ammonia can be damaging to your floor’s top cat. If you have hardwood floors, make sure you can cleaning them the right way. You can hire flooring specialists in Auckland to restore dull and boring floors but it’s up to you to maintain them. Here’s a great tip if you’re not sure if the product will damage your floors or not. Spray it on a piece of glass first, say your window. If you see a thin film when it dries, don’t use it.

Prevent insect infestation

If you have hardwood floors, proactively check for any insect infestation. Check your other wood furniture for insect sighting as well. They can easily transfer from one wood home to another.

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Hardwood floors are really beautiful but also harder to maintain. Regardless of the type of floor you have, use these tips to make your homes truly an inviting place to be. And if you need to restore or upgrade something, call a flooring specialist!