For Your Ice Only: The Importance of a Portable Ice Maker

Ice Maker in Australia Funny how things could start to unravel when you’re pressed for time. Take for instance ice. As soon as your guests in your pool party realise you’ve run out of it, it’s highly likely they’d have second thoughts about taking the next round of booze – and find somewhere else to hang out.

Had you the services of an ice maker, you’d save yourself the hassle of such embarrassing situations.

Ice All You Want…

While your refrigerator often comes with its own set of ice maker (usually on top of it), its main job is to serve only the needs of your household. Under normal circumstances, it plays a central role in keeping your food well-preserved for consumption, such as meats and veggies, GMR Supplies explains.

But in the ice-making department, your dependable ref would fall short when your need for ice increases. Making ice via convection, the ice maker on a refrigerator could produce ice in about 1.5 hours. However, a portable ice maker machine needs just 15 minutes to produce ice – or less. This is because ice makers make use of conduction in its ice-making process.

A home-use portable ice maker can produce 28-50 pounds of ice in a day, churning in 36-48 cubes per hour. In effect, you’ve got yourself a cooler-full of ice, more than enough to spark a party.

… And Then Some

Today, with millions shipped per year, refrigerators would still outnumber ice makers in the American household. But you’d certainly be putting a huge burden on your fridge if you just rely on it for ice when you’re holding a house party.

Moreover, ice from ice makers usually comes in bullet shapes – perfect for instant consumption. Because of this form, these ice cubes don’t get stuck with each other facilitating easy-scooping – unlike ice from your household refrigerator

As you may have guessed by now, an ice maker would be a great buddy when camping. Many have even brought it along while enjoying boating – telling you this machine’s here for keeps.