For Your Viewing Pleasure: Turning Roller Blinds into Works of Art

Roller Blinds in AucklandIf your roller blinds have become boring and you find yourself itching to update the look of your room, a good weekend project could be the right time to refresh your old blinds with a bit of customising.

For a temporary fix

Decals provide an easy way to dress anything up. Choose a geometric pattern to create something that’s easy on the eye, or create a whimsical window view by putting together and layering the decals of your choice. If you already have some decorating your wall, why not carry the pattern over to your blinds, changing it out just slightly to give your eyes a break from what’s already there?

Decals work best on non-porous surfaces so if your shades are made of canvas, for example, you may need to do a little bit of spot priming to provide the necessary surface for the decal to stick.

Ready for more commitment?

If you have a specific vision of the ambiance you wish to create once the shades are drawn, using paint could be more for you. Applied with a brush or using markers, a bit of fabric or acrylic paint allows you to create a highly customised design. Love Auckland, but live too far away? You can take some reference photos and paint the view right on your roller blinds. And of course, there are no limits when you’re using your imagination.

Another high commitment idea can be to add some sewn elements to your shades, either by hand or — very carefully — using a small sewing machine. While you may not be able to add raised details, flat decorative components can help spruce up your window treatment further.

While it’s true that there are few limitations to what you can do to beautify your window treatment — you can even combine these suggestions to really make your design pop. Remember that preparation is key. You need to consider the appropriate surface preparation so the effort you put into your weekend work of art will not be wasted.

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