Freeing Up Space: Life Hacks for Storage

Storage Unit in PerthAre you lacking space in your Perth home or apartment? Do you have so many things in your home that you don’t use as much? Move your possessions into a self-storage unit and free up some room space.

Fill It Up

Self-storage facilities are a godsend for families who have items they can’t keep at home, including those they don’t use anymore. You can also store things you still use but don’t have the space for. You can even use a unit as a second garage where you can place your boat or sporting equipment.

When first using a storage unit, you may feel overwhelmed by how you’ll store your things. Here are some tips and tricks to help your storage needs.

Be Systematic

You should research about storage facilities with services you like and know how their storage system works.

When packing your things, always think about protection. Boxes, paper, bubble wrap and other protective packing materials can keep your things from deteriorating inside the unit.

Label the boxes. A diagram of where everything is in a unit can help you look for a certain item in no time. Perth Metro Storage, a self-storage company in Perth, also suggests buying good quality boxes so you can stack them without worrying they’ll lose their form.

Go the Distance

The location of your storage facility is important. When you need some things in the storage unit occasionally, choose a facility that’s nearby. Only choose a facility far from your home when the things you will store are rarely used.

Make It Accessible

During storing, you should create a floor plan. This can help you move around in the unit without disturbing other items. It also helps you in knowing where you placed a certain item. When storing, stock your things high to save space.

Remember Not to Bring These

Just to be safe, experts recommend you have your things insured. Also, you can’t store certain things like explosives, hazardous materials, flammable goods, perishable foods or any chemical that may cause harm.

Done storing? Enjoy the space you now have. You’ll surely feel more at ease in a spacious home.