Functional Features for a New Swimming Pool

Swimming PoolIt is wonderful to have a new swimming pool in your Utah home. But you should do a little research to understand the features you can include in the new pool in your yard. These additions will be both practical and very useful for your pool. Here are a few of them.

  • Color and light

Pool light is the most popular option as the lights can brighten up the pool at night. You can see everything in the pool and this can also add to the aesthetics of your backyard. You can have unique colors and patterns irrespective of whether you have a vinyl liner, concrete and fiberglass pool. The standard colors are usually light blue and white. But now you can pick a color that makes the pool more inviting and warmer.

  • Safety cover

Safety covers for your pool is a good practical option. This can be stretched across the pool and fixed onto the anchors all over the pool. They help in keeping the debris out and also prevent small insects and animals from falling into the pool. If you have little children at home, then it is best to get sturdy pool safety covers, so that they do not fall into the waters inadvertently.

  • Automatic cleaners and ceramic tiles

You can have a pool cleaner installed that is automated. This cleaner will maintain cleanliness in the new swimming pool of your Utah home automatically and you can use the pool at any time. You can have ceramic tiles installed if you have concrete or fiberglass pools. These can be fixed as a border and installed around the edge of the pool. The tile borders make the pool look very elegant and expensive. There are also chemical distribution systems available that can keep the water clean.

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Apart from these you can also have frameless fencing and glass balustrades installed around the pool. This not only increases the aesthetic value of your property, but also enhances the resale value of your home.