Furnace Repair: Signs That Your Furnace Needs Attention

Furnace RepairMost of us believe that a broken furnace is one that does not function at all. But this is not true always. The furnace will stop working if there is a mechanical failure, which will be obvious. Otherwise, there will be subtle warnings that the furnace needs attention although it will appear to be working as usual. It is important for you to heed to these warning and attend to its repair.

  • Makes unusual noises and yellow pilot light

Broken furnaces in Shakopee will normally make noise, but if you hear banging, groaning or any other unusual whining noise then it means the furnace has trouble igniting. It could also mean that some parts need replacement or it has a loose belt. Yellow pilot light indicates the ominous presence of carbon monoxide. The flame should be blue; if it is not, call in the technician immediately.

  • You need to set your thermostat higher

If your home does not heat well then you will be tempted to raise the thermostat levels. But if even after this your home does not heat properly then your furnace needs a technician to determine the cause. It could be malfunctioning thermostat, leaky ducts or an issue with the ignition system. Other signs could be that the furnace takes a while to start up and even if it does start properly, it does not stay on. This could be due to faulty wiring and a broken thermostat.

  • Energy bills are high

If your energy bills are unusually high then your furnace is not functioning efficiently. This could be because you have to raise the thermostat higher than usual, as there is not enough heating or because the distribution fan is malfunctioning. There are other reasons for your bill to be high such as a clogged up filter or ducts that leak. So it is best to call in the technician to figure out the cause and set it right.

It is therefore a good idea to get the furnace inspected by professionals before the onset of winter.