Garage Door Installation: 3 Mistakes to Avoid

Garage Door Installation in Salt Lake City

Installing a garage door used to be a task that was left to the professionals. Nowadays, many DIY enthusiasts opt to tackle the job by themselves. If you intend to perform your install, it is vital that you avoid common mistakes. 

Price’s Guaranteed Doors explains that doing so will enable you to get your door up safely and save you future garage door repairs in Salt Lake City.

Failing to measure the door space

Although there are standard doors that are designed to fit any space, you should still take measurements of the space in which you will install the door. In some cases, even the doors regarded as a “one size fits all” might not fit your particular space. As such, you may end up with a garage door that is too big or too small for space. Overall, your home will be less secure since the door will not close as it ought to. For you to get the right fit, it is prudent that you have the door custom-made.

Neglecting local by-laws

Some states forbid homeowners from installing solid garage doors, particularly for those with short driveways. The reason for this is that these doors require that one has ample space so as to close and open them freely. This implies that you may be forced to stop your automobile in the middle of the road, awaiting the door to open. It can result in traffic problems and, in worse scenarios, accidents. An expert garage door installation service provider is well-versed with such regulations; hence, he can prevent you from breaking them.

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Using nails instead of lag screws

While some garage doors come equipped with lag screws, others don’t. The majority of homeowners, who find themselves with garage doors that do not have lag screws, opt to use nails instead. Doing so could result in problems, forcing you to incur costs in garage door repair.

Garage door installation is a task, which requires lots of knowledge and expertise. However, if you are determined to do your install, ensure that you first measure the door space. Also, adhere to all the local by-laws and avoid using nails.