Garden Design Trends: Small, Edible Gardens are In

Garden DesignA garden improvement project is a great way to enhance the look of your property. It even increases the property value, making it a good option for homeowners thinking of selling in the future.

Like many others who are busy with work and home management, you want to spend time in a relaxing environment. This can be your garden. Landscape gardeners in Essex recommend the following ideas:

1. Edible gardening

Edible gardening is one of the hottest trends. Browse the web for ideas and designs that fit your property and location.

Landscape gardeners in the Essex area offer custom designs that fit the owner’s specifications. For instance, if you choose to plant micro greens, go for a small front garden with a section for edible sprouts.

A team of three labourers can complete a pocket garden project in no time. Work with an experienced team of landscapers and reap the rewards of a traditional garden offering edible plants.

Two weeks after planting, harvest your first batch of micro greens. Harvest the lettuce for your salad and enjoy its freshness. Watch out for upcoming events showcasing perennials, grasses and shrubs.

2. Portable gardening

Small yard designers are offering their expertise to people who want to make the best use of their available space. Fusing sustainable solutions with new ideas on planting in small spaces has led to thriving portable gardens.

Even if you are renting a small space, maintain an indoor garden, plant in pots and raise hanging plants. You may even have a berry bush in a pot and enjoy the fruits when they are ripe enough. Postage-stamp-sized gardens are cropping up on apartment terraces.

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A garden can improve the value of your house and give you a healthier lifestyle. With greens you can eat and a good view you can enjoy, this is certainly a good addition to your property.