Get to Know the Three Common Types of Staircase

A wooden staircaseWhen planning a staircase installation, one would have to consider what the intended use is. For instance, is it supporting or front oriented? This is because the form and function have a direct effect on the practical usage of a staircase as well as the convenience it provides.

Clarity and precision are essential in staircase construction.  The space that you use to build it on will be used solely for that purpose and will not allow for any other activities. As such, you have the option to decide on the type of wooden steps in NZ that will work best for you with the available space.

Straight Staircase

If you want a simple basic design, these stairs are the best option. The stairs have one straight flight which does not exceed 16 steps. This category also includes half and quarter landing stairs. They are versatile as you can choose wooden materials, stainless steel or glass made panels.

Arched or Curved

If you want a contemporary style, then this elegant and graceful staircase will give you just that. It is placed in the entrance area to create a perfect first impression. This timeless classic staircase is built on a much larger radius but does not make a full circle. Additionally, it is easy to climb up and down these steps even for children.


This staircase category features treads that compactly radiate around an established centre pole. They are mainly popular in areas where available staircase space is at a premium- especially on lofts, studios, and decks. Due to the centre pole aspect, spirals do not require extra supporting structures making them even more affordable. Moreover, they can be easily installed and are versatile about the material used for construction.

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Combining style and function, staircases provide an endless opportunity to showcase class regardless of the material and design. Therefore, as you build your staircase, make this space as unique and attractive as you want it to be.