Getting to Know: A Closer Look at Manufactured Homes

Manufactured Home in HammondManufactured houses give rise to the affordable and proactively protected source of homeownership. Many of today’s families are enjoying the advantages of this housing type. In fact, millions of Americans are currently living in this structure. More than just a home, it provides a certain sense of security, stability, and safety to them. Here are the lesser-known facts about this residential building:

Fact #1: Manufactured homes conform to federal building regulations, also known as the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) code.

This means that contractors built the house according to the highest possible standard using high-quality materials. It ensures the durability, safety, and cost-effectiveness of your home.

Fact #2: The features can be customizable.

As the construction took place in a factory, it is easy to choose a design and features you would like to see in your home. There are available floor plans and options in all sizes and forms to meet your housing needs. Whether you prefer to buy single-wide homes in Hammond, Louisiana or a bigger one, Lane Thomas Housing and other manufactured home providers say that you have the freedom to add in features based on what your family needs.

Fact #3: It is the most affordable way to build and own a house.

The upfront payment is less costly compared to a normal home. Aside from that, you’ll save a lot on building costs and materials. These are also faster to construct — about 10 to 16 weeks to complete.

Fact #4: Manufactured homes are moveable from one place to another.

Unlike modular buildings, these are not permanently attached to land. They have built-in wheels, which allow easy transport from point A to point B.

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A manufactured home is like any other house out there. When properly maintained and built, you may enjoy the advantages of having one. The value and level of comfort you can get out of it, however, may depend on a number of factors. Be sure you’ve considered your options carefully before choosing.