Getting Your Home Ready for Your Extended Perth Vacation

PerthWhat a wonderful vacation idea: leasing long-stay accommodations in a house or apartment in Perth Australia, instead of staying in a resort or hotel. Not only is this a cheaper option, but also will allow you to immerse into the locale cultures and the place’s people.

However, before you go to that new long-term vacation house from remember that your present home needs to be secured and maintained. This will make your holiday a little more relaxing and you’ll return with a little more confidence that everything’s going to be alright.

Fix-Up and Repairs – Remember that leak in the backyard faucet that you’ve been putting off? Well, this is the best time to do it. Otherwise, face the possibility of having to deal with bigger repair problems when you get back. Make a short-list of repairs and other issues that you need to fix and get at them. If you don’t have the time, hire someone to take care of all of it, possibly in one go to save on time and money.

Turn Off the Utilities – For your internet, water and cable services, there are means to have them suspended. You can address the water issue by turning off the main, and draining any pools or fountains you might have in your house or yard.

Meanwhile, you can call your provider to put your cable and internet service on hold. If you can’t, ask your service providers for options so that you wouldn’t be paying the monthly fee continuously even without you using them.

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You might have furniture, appliances and plants inside your home that will require that you keep your heating or cooling system running. If that’s the case, find the most energy-efficient temperature to keep everything in your home operational. If turning it off isn’t a problem, then go ahead and do so.
Extra Set of Eyes – True, many companies can be hired to keep an eye and maintain your apartment or home. However, do speak to someone you can trust to be your extra set of eyes to visit your residence every occasionally. The visits don’t even need to follow a pattern since it would be good to check on your “hired help” when they least expect it. Your extra set of eyes can be a friend, a partner, relative or neighbour that you can totally trust your keys with. In addition, make sure they can manage to give you regular updates even through online chats and email.

Let your long-term vacation be truly memorable by easing your mind over your home’s state. The good thing about Perth’s long-stay accommodations is that there are real estate experts and consultants who can assist you and your family in choosing the right property for your holiday. That alone would definitely make your stay a wonderful experience and worry-free. If the same can be said of the state of the home you left behind, then there will be nothing to stop you from having the time of your life.