Give Your Home Ease of Access

Going Up A Wheelchair RampThe Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) says that all public venues built after 1992 have to be accessible to people with disabilities. This Act has made it easier for many people with disabilities to be more mobile and active. These days, equipment and modifications for the home and vehicle have made it more possible for everyone to become more mobile at home and work.

The ADA has required flat access to most public buildings so that everyone can enjoy shops, libraries, restaurants and other venues. The act, however, does not cover private residences.  This leaves some disabled people struggling to navigate around their own homes.  Mobility companies can help to modify a private home and give freedom back to the inpidual.

Access to the Whole Home

You can purchase or rent equipment through a mobility company stair lifts, wheelchair lifts, residential elevators, and wheelchair ramps. In Denver, Colorado, wheelchair users can safely use the upper floor of their home without assistance.  This is particularly vital if there is only one bathroom on the upstairs floor of the house.

Walk-in bathtubs with side doors also reduce the risk of falling accidents and maintain a patient’s independence and dignity. Some have spa or lighting options to add a little luxury and pampering to the bathing experience.

Stairs Up to Your House? No Problem!

Steps to the front door of a property can be challenging but not when the person has a wheelchair ramp.  Wheelchair ramps allow smooth entry and are helpful with walking frames too. Older adults with strollers and bags of shopping will find that a ramp makes going in and out far less stressful. There are also ramps that are designed for use with a vehicle so that a wheelchair user can get in and out of a car or van easily.

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For advice about wheelchair ramps in your Denver Colorado area, visit a mobility company to get their advice about other adaptions that could improve your home’s accessibility.