Glass Balustrades are Not Just for Modern Houses

Glass Balustrades in AustraliaDuring the recent years, modern houses became the trend. Boxed and angular, done in minimalist colors and materials, featuring cement, steel and glass, these houses looked incredibly stylish and contemporary. Soon enough, everybody wanted a modern home.

But if you have a more traditional house, don’t be afraid to spice it up with glass balustrades, too.

Traditional houses and cottages remain to be popular in Perth. Jigsaw Balustrades and other balustrading companies are open to installing these modern looking home features to even the most traditional and preserved homes. Here are a few reasons that could convince you glass balustrades are not just for modern buildings.

Careful Planning

Through careful planning, even a sleek and heavily modern accent like glass balustrading can look like it was made to fit your traditional-looking home. It could lend your house the illusion of more light and cheerfulness with the help of a professional.

Prevent the glass balustrade from blocking light from flowing freely. Older houses tend to look dark and foreboding and through careful planning, the glass balustrade can turn the atmosphere around.

Proper Positioning

Because glass matches aesthetically well with steel and cement, it usually easily fits into modern homes. More traditional houses, however, use different materials that sharply contrast glass, but with proper positioning, it can look well at home.


More than adding more light and space to an old home, glass balustrade could also help with the building’s construction stability, especially if it’s built to assist old staircases or walls.

Consult with an expert to learn how you can strategically use glass balustrades that complement the building’s foundation and construction regulations. You could also consider this addition as your first step to improving your home’s sustainability.

When the balustrade seems to have contributed positive effects to the overall look and dignity of the house, maybe you can consider other contemporary additions.