Hardwood Types in Australia for Decking Purposes

HardwoodA variety of hardwood classes grow within Australia, which is best used as timber decks. Outside of cypress pine and treated pine, picking other species for decking factor in the actual price by 25%. Concerning features, hardness ratings vary from soft, moderate, hard and very hard while strength mark is based on a scale of one to four with one being the highest.

So, knowing the qualities of these local timber decking options in the country will sure give you a clear advantage, especially when you’re trying to acquire them for building or renovating purposes.

Which is Which?

In further explaining the standard strength of a wood, this mainly refers to its toughness against decomposing agents. This strength score covers only the heartwood part and not the sapwood portion as this latter timber component is generally weak.

In line with this, untreated class-three and -four wood types are not good for outdoor decking. On the other hand, a standard strength of one and two will be of valued service for 25 years or more. Hardwoods in the country are typically hard and strong as they are fit for the local weather.

Blackbutt, which is found near the coasts of New South Wales and Queensland, is rated as hard with a strength ranging from class one to two on the ground and in contact with the floor. In contrast, cypress, which is located within the central parts of the country, is only moderately hard but has the same strength mark as that of Blackbutt. In addition, both have anti-termite properties.

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Choosing Jarrah

This timber species thrives in the south western spots of Western Australia from Perth to Albany, planettimbers.com.au explains. Its surface is fairly rough with an appealing grain pattern, making it a great building design element. Also, it is durable against climate conditions, decay, insects and sea organisms justifying its purpose as an exterior decking choice.

Moreover, it is also used as garden walkway frames and for railings and steps as well. More so, recycled jarrah is harder with age, thus needing minor protection compared to the green kind. However, the dimension of recycled planks depends on salvaged materials from construction areas.

In essence, jarrah decking is extremely sturdy and will last for the longest time. It’s great to know that you have such quality home-grown options for your timber decking needs.