Here’s How to Design a Hotel-Feel Bedroom

Luxurious Modern Bed RoomHotel room rates between 2011 and mid-2017 just keep on increasing. Today, the average price is close to $127. Sometimes you can’t help spending that much especially if you love to travel. But wouldn’t it be better if you can bring along the hotel with you? How do you make your bedroom have the hotel feel?

1. Pick the Right Bed Size

Everyone probably dreams of a king size, but it’s not always the most ideal. You need to consider many factors such as square footage. Guest and kids’ bedrooms are usually small and narrow, so single or twin beds are better here. A king-sized bed is like having two full twin beds, so there’s plenty of room for two people to move around.

But master’s bedrooms for couples are better off with the queen-sized bed. It’s way bigger than a twin bed, but since it’s smaller than a king-sized bed, it offers opportunities for cuddling. In fact, it can help make your marriage healthier.

2. Invest in the Bed Sheet

When you buy things for your bedroom, it’s typical to take bed sheets for granted; the bed size is more important. What you don’t know is it’s the ultimate secret to making your room feel like a five star. In other words, you should learn to splurge on them.

There are different types of bed sheets, but the queen size bamboo sheets from Cozy Earth are some of the best. Not only are they organic and environment-friendly, but they are also hypoallergenic. They are also antibacterial. Most of all, they are soft but durable.  

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3. Put Some Lights to Create Mood

In luxe bedrooms, light isn’t just a necessity. It also helps create a cozy atmosphere. Furthermore, it increases the room’s visual appeal. To let them act as decorations too, be creative with your lighting concept without sacrificing function.

It’s time to sleep like the rich and famous in the comforts of your home. Get started with transforming your bedroom into a boutique hotel with these ideas.