Home Exterior Paint: Ideas for Painting a New Home or Repainting an Old One

Home Makeover You not only expect the exterior paint to update the look of your home, but to also survive different weather elements, most especially the daily exposure to the harsh sun without peeling, fading or cracking.

When having your home’s exterior refreshed, or painting a new home, you’ll need paint that contains superior quality pigments, resins and additives. You also need a smooth, clean surface so the paint will adhere better.


High quality paints have a higher price tag because they have superior quality ingredients that will ensure durability. Of course, don’t forget the labour cost. While it’s tempting to DIY your exterior paint, it is an extremely big task that is best left to professional exterior painters in Perth says Barker-whittle.com.au. Remember, investing in a professional paint job will guarantee that you won’t have to repaint your home’s exterior for many years to come.


A sturdy scrub brush, some detergent and a hose are all you need to wash dingy trimming and cladding. If you live in a generally dusty area, clean your home’s exterior at least four times a year or less if your area is generally dust-free.


Again, paint durability depends on your choice of paint and the surface of your home exterior. Two generous coatings of superior quality paint on primed timber can last between 10 to 15 years.

When deciding on paint colours, consider the style of your home or the surrounding area. Choose complementary colours that can be easily picked up on your home design like a reddish hue on a brick home, warm neutrals on timber cladding, and the likes. If your location is basically sunny all year round, consider saturated and brighter colours so your house won’t look washed out under the harsh sunlight.

You may also consider choosing shades similar to your neighbour’s houses or colours that will complement these and your immediate surroundings. But if you’re not the conformist type, then just go with your style because, after all, you’re the one who’s going to live in it.