Home Maintenance: 3 Areas to Prioritize This Summer

Home Maintenance for Summer in DenverMuch like the rest of America, Coloradans use summer to get the home improvement closest to their hearts done. Many upgrade their kitchen, while others give the bath a facelift. While these remodels let you live in style and enjoy a finer lifestyle, it’s a cardinal sin to forget about the exterior.

Before you spend on any interior renovations, you should cover first your summer maintenance checklist. With or without obvious red flags, you should forgo the inspection of the following vulnerable areas:


Whether or not your area was hit by a disaster in the past months, make it a point to assess the state of your roof. You don’t necessarily have to climb up to know there are problems. Just walk around the perimeter of your home and visually inspect your roof from the ground.

Missing shingles and damaged flashings are two of the most common roof problems you would ever encounter. But even if you find no glaring causes for concern, it’s still advisable to proactively call pros for inspection — especially if you had a rough weather recently. If any water damage remains hidden, it would most likely worsen if left unaddressed.


Cleaning may be the ultimate act of gutter care, but the piling up of debris isn’t your only worry. Sagging, warping, fading, and tiger stripes on the side of gutters are causes for concern you shouldn’t overlook.

All self-respecting gutter contractors in Denver such as Summit Gutter Systems would say these issues would give you huge headaches sooner than later.

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Irrespective of its material, your siding deserves a closer look for signs of damage. Even if the most durable system would succumb to the rigors of nature at some point.

Despite the lack of damaging leaks, deep cracks, or unsightly growth of fungi, molds, or mildew, a professional inspection could pave the way for the discovery of underperforming panels. As every panel is as valuable as each one, putting a necessary replacement project on the backburner may compromise the entire system.

Your house stops becoming a home if some parts are not performing the way they should be. If you pay attention to some maintenance duties first this summer, you can go on with your priority upgrades without the worry of water damage.