Home Maintenance: Fixing Leaks on Plumbing Joints

Home MaintenanceYou notice from your utility bill that your water consumption has risen in the past month. You try to recall if you’ve been using water more than usual. You scratch your head because you simply can’t make sense of the higher bill.

Maybe you have overlooked one reason for increased water consumption: a leak in your plumbing system. A leak anywhere in the pipes results in several gallons of water lost every day. Do the maths and you’ll see why your water consumption suddenly spiked.

Leaks Usually Occur on Plumbing Joints

Although water leaks can occur anywhere along the length of the pipe, Perth plumbers say leaks often happen in the joints. Should there be leaks on the body of the pipe itself, it’s usually a sign of a bigger problem.

Fixing Leaks on Plumbing Joints

Once you have identified the source of the leak, the first thing to do before attempting any repairs is to turn off the main water valve. Then, do the following:

  1. Get your plumbing tools ready. You will need two adjustable wrenches, one to hold the pipe steady and the other to loosen its thread. Unscrew the pipe from its joint thread.
  2. Clean both the pipe and the joint using a wire brush to remove old pipe compounds. Wire brushing the fixtures will also remove dirt and debris that can clog the system.
  3. Determine if the leak is because of worn thread. When you have worn treads with no visible thread lines at all, replace them.
  4. Apply liberal amounts of pipe joint gel on the threaded part of the pipe, if the joint still has some thread. Use Teflon to wrap around the length of the threaded pipe if you don’t have the pipe joint coating.
  5. Thread the pipe into the joint and tighten it using the wrenches.
  6. Turn on the main gate valve and check whether the leak has been controlled.
  7. Apply water sealant over the joint if you don’t see any more leaks. The sealant should cover both the joint and the pipe.

Fixing water leaks is not that difficult. With the proper tools coupled with basic information on repairs, you feel confident that your next month’s water bill will be back to normal.