Home Repairs: Check Your Foundation

Foundation damage that needs repairAs a building turns old, and gradually settles down, there are some concerns you will have to address. The same holds true of your home and its foundation. The primary step for any repair to a foundation or building is that you must first fix the cause of the damage and then the damage itself.

Homeowners can fix some small repairs, but certain issues would need the service of professionals. You can hire a contractor from a reputed Indianapolis foundation repair service provider to attend to the repairs in your home.  Here are some of the reasons why you might need foundation repairs.

Water damage and seepage

Water seepage or leakages can be a cause or symptom of damage to the basement foundation. Inspecting the basement for any cracks is the first step, especially if you have water in your basement. Small cracks can be fixed with DIY kits which include effective sealers. These cracks are common due to the severe winters in Indianapolis, which leads to constant freezing and thawing which could damage your home. For larger cracks, you can call local contractors, as this could be due to structural damage of load bearing parts of the foundation.

The seepage could be due to improper application of the waterproof coating on the walls of the basement, or the coating might have worn off.  In both cases, a new coat should be applied again to prevent further damage. You can also ensure that the water flows away from the foundation, before repairing the actual damage.

Age of the building

Brick and mortar used in older houses tend to break down and cause leaks. You can check if the structure is still sound and then fix only the damaged areas. But if the structural damage is visible, then the concrete foundation should be included in the repair. These are serious structural issues which are best handled by professionals. They will examine the walls and the basement, to access the extent of damage and then take corrective measures as required.

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There could be other reasons for foundation damages, but remember in all severe cases it is best to consult experts who can help you detect and fix all basement foundation problems.