How Many Boxes Do You Need?

RelocationEvery move is different and unique; there are several factors that homeowners need to consider before they can fully prepare for the rigours of their move. But even with all the stress of the work, moving professional always seem to know just how much a family or resident needs to complete the task without going over-budget. It’s their job to know these things, of course; however, that does not diminish the impressiveness of their skill.

Box Numbers

One of the more difficult aspects of organising a moving kit is determining how many boxes a homeowner will need during the move. People often get frustrated with this job, because it looks so simple and it often goes wrong. It is quite easy to either buy too many or too few boxes for the move. This may look like a small problem, but can present movers with the challenges they did not anticipate.

The ability to accurately estimate the number of boxes needed for a move mainly comes from experience within the industry, which gives people with a few years in the trade an edge. There are, however, several metrics residents can use to give themselves an approximate on how many boxes they might need.

The X-Factor

One of the first things movers often want to know first is the number of bedrooms in the house. This number will give them a quick picture of how many people live in the house, and provide the biggest X-factor in any move.

Most homes have a single kitchen, living room, so on and so forth, but a house can have as many bedrooms as physically possible. This can spell the difference in any move, as each bedroom can have as many as five boxes dedicated to it – depending on the lifestyle of its owner.

How Do You Pack?

This connects to the second consideration movers make – lifestyle. The amount of things that need packing depends on how attached residents are to the things they’ve accumulated over the years. There are often three types of people when it comes to their possessions: the minimalist, the modest mover, and the packrat.

The differences between these groups are apparent, and determining where they fall can save residents many problems in finding out how much they need for the coming move.

These are only two of the many things moving professionals take into account when providing an estimate, but it should residents an idea of how much they will need when the day finally arrives.