How to Choose Paint Colour for your Home Interior Repainting Project

Home Interior Painting in AustraliaSo you’re thinking about getting new paint for your home. Repainting can improve your home’s value and appeal while providing walls and ceilings the necessary surface protection.

Whether you plan to have a DIY repainting or hire a contractor, it pays to choose your paint colour wisely. This is especially important if you seek to alter the overall look and feel of your property’s interior. Check out these ideas when choosing the right paint colour to use:

Test your colours

You can start by testing a number of prospective colours first. Work on a small space or wall to try your top choices. This is a great way to test a certain colour’s effect on an area. Don’t be scared to try a number of colours, you can change it anyway until you find the colour that best suits your taste.


Research can help you in finding the best colour. Painters from Barker-Whittle suggest to begin by searching for inspirations and gathering ideas. Research is very helpful if you want to achieve a certain theme with your interiors or you wish to have new paint that best matches your home’s existing style and design.

Be you

Think of colours that suit your personality as a homeowner. Trust in your taste and style preferences – after all, it’s your home that you’re repainting. You can play with colours and try new schemes, but make sure it’s something that would please your eyes after, rather than something that simply adds character to a room or space.

Create the right mood

Also, go for paint colours that would create an ambience that’s appropriate to a room or space. For instance, blue lends a soothing and relaxing effect to bedrooms and bathrooms. Neutral colours like white, cream, and beige give a home office an air of sophistication.

Remember these ideas so you can succeed in choosing the best colour for your repainting project.