How to Lend Your Home a Modern Touch through Glass Features

Glass Features in PerthBeen wanting to give your home a modern touch, but don’t know where and how to start? The best way to get started is knowing a material that would instantly give your home a modern appeal – glass.

Glass is a versatile material. It is popularly used in various modern and contemporary design applications and construction projects. Due to its sleek, smooth, and transparent surface, it is a hot trend in interior design. Due to its properties, it gives a room or area a cleaner and fresher look that you can’t simply get from traditional materials such as wood and metal.

Now, where in your home can you use glass? It would be a long list, but here are three of the most common applications of glass at home.

Kitchen splashbacks

Glass is growing in popularity as a material for splashbacks. Dealers of kitchen splashbacks in Perth offer a range of glass types including coloured glass and clear panels. Not only are they classy and modern-looking, but they also provide your wall the necessary protection from water damage. Coloured glass can create an instant pop while clear panels are often installed over stylish wallpapers to add character in the sink area and adjacent spaces.

Pool fences

Many homeowners have already discovered how tempered glass panels make smart fences or enclosure to their pools. Glass fences are specifically manufactured for heavy-duty use and have met standards set by the industry. They don’t just lend sleek, modern touch to your backyard pool; they also make highly functional fences that little kids can’t climb over and are resistant to outdoor elements. They don’t hinder the beautiful views of your pool area, as well.

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Glass is also a popular balustrading solution, an expert from Perth City Glass says. It is widely used in staircases, balconies, porches and in any area that requires sturdy balustrade or fence. They come in freestanding, semi-framed, or fully framed options to suit your design preferences. One great thing about glass as balustrades is its durability. They provide strong, stable, and long-lasting safety features in high-risk areas.

These are only some of the many uses of glass at home. Learn more about your options by consulting a glass dealer and contractor.