How to Make a Dark Coloured Carpet Work in your Home

Different kinds of carpetA carpet that is richly toned and dark could effortlessly transform the look of your space, not only due to the adventurous and dramatic statement it conveys, but because of its ability to introduce various moods, tones, and depths as well.

But if you are still uncertain if you could work with intensely hued Milliken carpets, below are some ideas to inspire you.

Highlight other Features

A dark, neutral carpet is a stunning way to showcase anything in a room such as an elegant sofa, antique coffee table, or vintage wallpaper. Dark bases work much better than light bases for highlighting special design elements.

A More Formal Tone

If you want to outfit your dining room with a carpet, not only is going dark great practical reasons, but it is likewise beneficial to stick with short piles that you could vacuum easily.

Warm hues like dark, sandy brown will lend an upscale backdrop in your formal dining room, coupled with artwork featuring some complementary tones to make certain that your floor and walls work well together.

Practicality Matters in a Child’s Room

Your kid’s bedroom obviously bear a tonne of activities, making a dark carpet the perfect choice. Likewise, if you are still trying to find the perfect wall colour for your kid’s room that will grow and adapt with your child, consider introducing colour using a dark carpet.

You could then opt for neutral walls you could easily paint over when your kid can choose a paint colour that he or she likes for the room.

Showcase Natural Hues

Introducing a light rug to a darker toned carpet will lend subtle tension than both captivating and dramatic. You could also opt to continue the dramatic effect with similar neutral hues to bring in more classic monochromatic effect.

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Utility and Style

Building a hallway that is both stylish and practical could be quite challenging, but quite easy if you opt for a dark coloured carpet. Just make sure to keep your walls bright and light, so your hallway will not feel too cramped.

Whether you are looking to add a dark carpet in a solid colour or a patterned Milliken carpet, remember these tips, and you will not go wrong.