How to Rent a House

Rental House in MelbourneSelecting a house that you can call home can be a daunting experience. If you add the complexity that comes with moving to a different country, the entire venture becomes a considerable challenge. In a rising real estate market, you can find many houses for rent. However, no one home can feel the same for every tenant, hence the need to find one that meets your needs.

Learn the Lingo

If you’re a foreigner, the first thing you should do is to familiarise yourself with the local dialect, especially those used by the residents and real estate agents to describe homes. You can begin by enquiring about housing estates in Melbourne, such as Westbrook Estate, that are both good quality with an affordable price range.

In Australia, homes are either flats or houses. A flat describes an apartment. Houses tend to be larger than flats and come with an outdoor space. Flats that constitute a single room are studios.


The next step entails finding the right place to reside in. You should visit a couple of neighbourhoods to get a feel of the area. During your tour, you can have a look at the estate agents pricing to determine if a particular house is within your budget. When finding the perfect location, you need to factor in the kind of commute you expect from your home to the workplace. Fortunately, most property websites present the houses for rent on maps, which indicate the local transport means.

Dealing with Agents

After locating a potential residence, you should arrange a viewing with the property agent. The managing agent will respond to any questions that you have as well as help you with the application process. It is illegal for agents to rent out properties when tenants have not yet viewed them.

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The Application

Typically, estate agents receive more than one application. You should fill in all the right information in the application form to increase your chances of securing a property. Most applications ask for proof of identity and income, references, and previous rental agreements. After the agent has crosschecked the references, they hand over the application to the property owner for final approval. If you want to rent a particular property, make sure that you get the application form ahead of time.

 Finding a house to rent does not have to be an uphill task. If you are new in the area, get acquainted with the local lingo, begin your house search, attend the viewing, and fill in the application form.