Improving the Office Environment to Increase Productivity

Clean and tidy officeYour office environment has something to do with your team’s productivity. Employees tend to become happier and more productive in a workplace that is clean, safe, and comfortable. Before you invest in an expensive employee motivation program to boost your figures, consider these five things:

Invest in trendy furniture

Dull colored desks are monotonous and boring. If you are looking to increase creativity in the workplace, you have to change how your office looks. Studies show that an office space with rounded and curvy furniture is more aesthetically pleasing than one with linear and sharp-edged furniture. Curvy furniture also induces positive emotions and encourages a better brain activity.

Let there be light

Natural light makes your office look bigger and brighter. Employees exposed to natural lighting are likely to be healthier and more productive. Studies have shown that exposure to natural light improves sleep, promotes hormonal balance, and improves the mood, leading to increased productivity. Renovations to improve natural lighting are associated with less absenteeism and a more satisfied workforce.

Add a touch of art

Art in the office increases aesthetic appeal, fosters creativity and productivity, and increases employee efficiency. A beautiful piece of art can be inspiring and when people are inspired, their creative potential is unlocked. Scenes of nature can evoke a feeling of peace and calmness, while antique pieces can create a feeling of nostalgia, which can help employees feel more connected to your organization. Adding unique vintage lamps is a great idea. Urban95 recommends combining these exquisite pieces with well-thought-out paintings.

Let it smell good

The smell of dust or harsh detergents will not do any good. Ensure that there is a free flow of clean air.  A study in Japan revealed that typists made fewer errors if they could smell lemon, jasmine, and lavender.

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Be organized

Remove clutter and unused items to free up space. Arrange the desks properly so that it is easier to find or access something. People working in an organized office tend to be more productive.

You can boost employee productivity by improving your office environment. Follow these tips and see for yourself.