Inefficient AC Operation: Are You Guilty of These Mistakes?

Air Conditioning UnitWhile you have an energy-efficient AC model, your habits and routines may be compromising its efficiency and performance, including your family’s health. You may not realize it, but you may be the reason you are experiencing comfort and humidity problem, as well as high cooling bills.

Action Plumbing and other AC repair experts in Salt Lake City share some of the mistakes you are making with your cooling system:

Lack of Maintenance

This causes the system to become contaminated with bacteria or microorganisms that may be distributed in the air. They may also be harmful if inhaled, contributing to respiratory problems, such as allergies and asthma. Lack of maintenance or having a dirty filter, furthermore, can lead to poor air flow and inefficient operation.

Not Using Ceiling Fans

While ceiling fans may not cool a room, they offer a wind-chill effect and increases comfort by distributing cooled air efficiently. This will also allow you to increase your thermostat setting, without experiencing any discomfort. Be sure that the fan blades move in a counterclockwise direction during the summer, as they encourage better airflow.

Low Setting of Thermostat

Studies suggest that the human body can adapt to hot and cool temperatures easily. This is why it’s best to raise your thermostat levels a little bit higher, as you will soon find and adapt to a new normal temperature. This can lead to a host of benefits such as reduced energy bills, increased AC efficiency, and more savings throughout the summer.

Not Using Blinds or Curtain

Direct sunlight does more than ruining your floors, furniture, and artwork. Heat and sunlight are also your air conditioner’s enemy. This is why it is important to block the sun’s rays by closing blinds and sliding curtains. It is also important to place your AC in a shady spot and away from direct sunlight. This is to improve ventilation and help the unit run efficiently.

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These are just a few of the mistakes you are making with your cooling system. If you want to keep your unit efficient for years to come, take time and effort to clean and maintain your AC regularly.