Is Furnace Duct Cleaning Necessary? The Pros and Cons

Furnace Duct Cleaning Many homeowners in Salt Lake City do not understand the importance of furnace duct cleaning. Just because your ductwork is clean from the outside, doesn’t make it clean on the inside. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has in the recent past put thorough scrutiny on this issue and has concluded that there is no known scientific research that has supported the fact that general duct cleaning in our homes is necessary as such.

Nonetheless, the EPA has also pointed out that there are one or two situations that may require cleaning of your HVAC ductwork, more so your furnace ductwork.

Here’s why you should take comprehensive furnace duct cleaning services seriously, according to Larsen HVAC:

Make Clean Air

Firstly, cleaning the ductwork of your furnace may improve the indoor air quality of your home. Occupants who are prone to allergies and asthmatic attacks may find regular furnace duct cleaning very beneficial because it helps reduce the amount of dust and allergens in the air.

Improve the Equipment’s Efficiency

Secondly, regular furnace duct cleaning may improve the efficiency of your furnace. Thick layers of dust and soot can build up in the ductworks of oil and gas furnaces and adversely affect the performance of the furnace. An efficient furnace will come a long way in helping you save money that you would have spent on frequent furnace repairs or high energy bills.

Prevent Mold Growth

In addition, furnace duct cleaning can get rid of mold. Furnace ducts are very conducive for mold growth, so it’s important that you have your ducts checked regularly. The spores of mold present in the air can lead to serious illnesses.

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If you have efficient air filters installed in your furnace, then duct cleaning is deemed unnecessary. These filters help prevent the accumulation of dirt and debris in the ductwork of your furnace.

With that in mind, for the best services in furnace duct cleaning, ensure that you look for a professional in Salt Lake City.