It’s a Date: Deciding on Your Moving Schedule

MovingMoving is not just about packing and loading. An important consideration is timing, as the date of the move can dictate whether it goes smoothly or causes all kinds of trouble. Picking a random day will likely add to the costs and the stress levels, too.

Make sure to prioritise Moving Day when planning relocation. Removal experts from say that apart from unique needs, like the school year or a new job schedule, you should also consider busy periods and the exact moving time.

Busy Moving Periods

The day of the move helps determine the cost of the relocation. There are certain days that are more expensive, as these are the busy periods for movers. This includes Fridays, weekends, and holidays. Avoid these and also the last week of the month and summer season, as the rates are higher.

Once you have targeted a specific date when it’s cheapest to move, see if the moving company you plan to hire is available on this day. Remember to book them as early as possible, preferably a month or two in advance, to ensure that they will be present at the time you required. Otherwise, you will just follow the movers’ schedule, which may extend waiting time.

Additionally, hiring movers at the last minute can be a major hassle. It is difficult to find one and that will likely force you to just hire anyone who’s available, even if they are not that reliable.

Time of the Day

Other than deciding on a specific date, make sure to know the exact time of the day to move. Generally, it’s best to do it in the morning, as you will have spare time to accommodate possible problems, like late arrival or movers because of traffic conditions.

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One important consideration here is the distance of travel. It is always best to schedule movers to load items in the afternoon, and then have the actual move overnight or over several nights. With that, you will be able to have your things early in the morning the next day — just the right time to start unpacking for your new home.

Plan your Moving Day based on these considerations; have a stress-free relocation!