Keep the House Cool with These Air Conditioning Reminders

Air conditionerAustralia is preparing for El Nino, which brings about higher daytime temperatures and drought. With
this, having a working air conditioning system becomes a necessity.

It is not enough to have the unit. Try to understand how it works to do some maintenance when the unit
breaks down and choose the right unit when buying a new one.

Go Green in Shopping for the Right Refrigerant Type

Think of three environmental refrigeration considerations—hydrofluorocarbon (HFC), ozone depleting
potential (ODP) and global warming potential (GWP).

Forget about hydrofluorocarbon-based refrigerants because they have too much ODP. Look at models
like the HFC R410a, which guarantee zero ODP.

Both R410a and R22 units are leaning towards high amounts of GWP, however. Units that use
polyolester oil, like R407c and R417a, will replace the R22 soon.

Go for an R407c or R410a type because these units are efficient and environmentally-friendly. Air
conditioning systems provider Conduct Air Conditioning recommends Fujitsu, Samsung, Panasonic and
other brands that meet your specific cooling requirements.

Be Informed about Legionella Threats

Make sure you know about threats like the Legionnaire’s disease.

Know that a faulty cooling system cleanup or repair can make you prone to this illness. The cooling
tower is actually the favourite thriving place of Legionella bacteria. Maintain that cooling tower,
especially if you have a severe lung illness or if you smoke or drink heavily.

Cooling it the Proper Way

Set your thermostat to a constant temperature, preferably 24 degrees Celsius, to avoid expensive bills.
Your energy usage will zoom up to 15 percent every time you lower the temperature by 1 degree. You
might even have a broken air conditioner in the long run.

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Pre-cool your home the night before an expected hot day, so the unit will work even better when the
evening comes.

With the importance of having an air conditioning system, make sure to choose an efficient and
environmentally-friendly unit. To keep you cool and comfortable day in and day out, try a trusted brand.