Keep Your Home Clean and Clutter-Free During Remodelling

Home RemodelingRemodelling projects generate a lot of rubbish and debris. You need to make way for all those materials and equipment you need to bring into your home. Without proper planning, your home can quickly turn into a mess.

Keeping things organised will contribute to faster completion of the project, help you maintain the cleanliness of your home and reduce the risks of property damage.

Free up as much space as possible.

Remodelling projects often need a lot of working surface and space, so set aside anything that can restrict movement. Chairs, sofas, tables, appliances and other pieces of furniture should be moved to another location or to one end of the room.

Protect your valuables.

The last thing you want is to try to beautify your yard or home and end up ruining decorative elements such as your furniture, carpeting, fixtures and upholstery. Do what you can to protect them prior to starting the project.

The smartest way to prevent damaging these items, particularly from chemicals such as paint and finishes, is to put them into storage. This will also free up space, so you don’t keep bumping into things while remodelling. Your other option is to cover them up with old blankets, film wrap or plastic.

Designate areas for garbage bins.

All waste and leftover materials, debris and other types of rubbish should go into one area only. You want this spot to be as close to your project site as possible, so you can haul wastes easily and quickly.

Follow proper waste disposal methods.

Don’t forget to implement proper waste disposal, such as separating the biodegradable from the non-biodegradable. Kwik Skips also reminds that general waste should not be in the same bin as heavy waste. Separate chemicals and other hazardous materials from other types of rubbish.

Segregate recyclable and reusable items from organic ones. A suggestion is to work with a skip bin hire company in Applecross that offer rubbish removal and retrieval services.

Remodelling projects generate waste, but you can remain organised. Have the necessary tools and ensure you have enough space to move around.