Keeping Your Air Conditioning Running Efficiently

Air Con MaintenanceThe days that are hottest are the days when the air conditioning unit works the most. Don’t worry because there are ways to lower the bills, increase comfort and save energy. Maximising functional efficiency is what allows your AC to work at its best and help you save money.

In order for it to work in a very efficient manner, you have to regularly clean and maintain the unit and there are plenty of ways to do this. Conduct Air Conditioning recommends getting licensed and authorised personnel to check and maintain the unit. You can do some basic checks, but note that effective maintenance needs a professional.

  1. Call the professional: Every unit of air conditioner, especially the central unit must be inspected, tuned and cleaned by a professional that is licensed prior to the summer season beginning. Doing this every year is important to keep it running smoothly.
  2. Check air filter: Once a month be sure to call in the experts to check the air filter and replace it as needed, it is particularly important to do this to prevent circulation of allergens and dust. If the filter is clogged, replacing it is essential to save money and conserve energy on the HVAC unit. Like oil changes for a car, this is a crucial step for maintaining long term health of the unit.
  3. Shaded space for AC: it is important to have proper shading for the AC unit, in order to ensure it runs more efficiently. In a shaded space air is cooler than surrounding air, which means the AC will run more effortlessly to provide and circulate the cooled air indoors.
  4. Thermostat should be cool: Place heat producing objects and appliances away from the thermostat, as it senses the heat and makes the air conditioner run longer than required.
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