Keeping Your Yard Healthy, Thriving and Free From Pests

Man doing lawn maintenanceIf you take the time to examine your lawn weekly, you will see potential problems at their early stages. If you see a stand of weeds, then you can deal with it before they overcome the yard. You will see if the mowing and watering practices you employ are working for the grass and the plants you choose to raise.

Would you like to know more about how you can maintain a healthy, pest-free yard? The condition of your lawn will depend largely on what you used to fertilize it, and the presence of invasive species – pests that wreak havoc on the plants.

Nutrition for the plants

Irrigation is important, but another pillar of proper yard care in Utah is lawn fertilization. A dense growth of grass is achievable if you provide the plants with a fertilizer that is nitrogen rich. The amount and timing of application of fertilizer are important parameters to consider.

Take advantage of the active growing season and follow recommended yard care practices so that the grass is not overwhelmed with weeds and other unsavory species. When the grass receives proper nutrition, they become resistant to diseases, and they can reach their utmost growth potential.

Preventing pest infestation

Another important pillar of lawn care is the prevention of pest infestation. The best management approach for this is prevention. If you can keep destructive invertebrates such as snails, insects such as aphids, and fungal species, then the grass will thrive. Not all insects are harmful to yard plants.

Implementing an integrated pest management program that also encourages helpful insects to thrive is your best bet for a thriving garden. The varieties of grass in your yard will grow strong and disease-resistant if you can keep pests away from them. Protect your lawn not only from the ground but also from the air.

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Your choices will determine whether the yard you have worked so hard to keep will thrive and remain healthy. Choose wisely when providing nutrients and preventing pests from destroying your plants.