Kitchen Remodelling Basics: A Quick Guide to Kitchen Styles and Themes

Kitchen Splashbacks in PerthA kitchen renovation is always an exciting project. If you don’t know where to start, however, it might end up a disaster rather than achieving your dream kitchen.

One of the first things to think about is the theme and style of your new kitchen. Check out the following style ideas and suggestions to help you get started on your kitchen remodelling project.


modern kitchen can make your home more attractive and interesting at the same time. It is also a great option for homes with minimal design and for homeowners who prefer sleek and clutter-free kitchen.

Go for features with clean cut lines to achieve a contemporary kitchen. They should make the room look room that is more spacious and clean looking. Think about using glass for your splashback. Suppliers of kitchen splashbacks in Perth offer a range of glass to suit your style preferences.

Keep the design simple and minimise use of different colours and textures, an expert from advised. The key to an ultra-modern look is to stick to the bare necessities.

Timeless traditional

If you like a warm, attractive, and homely kitchen, you will never go wrong with a timeless traditional theme.

Use traditional kitchen features such as timber floor and cabinetry with detailed panels. Granite and marble countertops can also serve as a style boost in the area. Details and aesthetics are important when styling a classic, rustic kitchen. Make sure there’s a balance between style and functionality, though.


Can’t choose between classic and modern? Why not combine the two! Modern classic style is becoming a trend in kitchen renovation. It blends the homely appeal of a traditional kitchen and the unique functionality of a contemporary kitchen.

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Good examples are shaker door kitchens and French provincial styles. Furnishings of a modern classic kitchen have warm and laid back appeal, but style still matters greatly.

Modern classic kitchens may be accentuated by simple chandeliers, antique rugs, and wooden features matched with space-saving furniture and smartly installed appliances.

Plan your kitchen renovation wisely and seek help from reputable furnishing suppliers, contractors and designers.