Last-Minute Utility Checks: Safeguard Your House Before Leaving For Summer

A man checking refrigerator and other electronics at the kitchenThe summer brings with it a warmer climate, the excitement of kids, and the prospect of getting away from it all for even just a weekend. But a reminder: secure your utilities first before driving off to your summer destination. This will save you a lot of work and expenses when you return home.

Maintenance Checks

While you’re away, things may happen that could hit your utilities. A sudden downpour; a blackout followed by an electrical surge; rowdy children finding their way into your yard; and squirrels and birds making a mess of your gutter – any of these may result in ripped wires, rusting tanks or clogged pipes.

Preventive Measures

Checking things out in the days before your vacation will alert you to problems that may occur in your absence. You can even pre-empt an issue if time permits. Examples of preventive measures, which A-Plus Plumbing, Heating & Cooling says is the best way to save on bills and avoid costly emergency service calls, are as follows:

  • sweep debris off your roof
  • cut tree branches extending to your house
  • reinforce potential pipe leaks
  • make sure the sump pump works
  • switch off the main fuse, heat pump, and main water line
  • switch on the fire alarm

Doing these will keep your house safe from unprecedented utility problems like basement flooding or carbon monoxide leaks.

If summers in your city can get extremely hot, however, you may want to keep the thermostat at 78OF (this kicks the AC into gear only when the temperature rises to 88OF). This prevents your house from turning into an oven, ensures air circulation which prevents condensation and allows you to save 2-3% on your electricity bill.

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Being at home allows us to keep a watchful eye over the heating, plumbing, air conditioning, and the structural integrity of our house. Unless you can find someone to watch over your place while you’re gone, these utility checks and measures will be necessary.