Lawn Weed: What You Need to Know About Herbicides

Man using herbicidesWeeds are a common problem in many lawns, which usually invade thin and weak turf. Proper care and maintenance are usually enough to grow a healthy grass and prevent weed growth. Timely fertilization and proper mowing can help you avoid up to 90% of the problem.

Pulling the weeds by hand is the best way to prevent them, and herbicides should be the last resort. It is also important to apply a little herbicide and combine it with good management practices. Salt Lake City lawn weed control experts note that application may only be necessary every few years.

When to Use Herbicides

Herbicides are only ideal if the weeds are out of control. If you’re only dealing with a few weeds, pull them up and dig out the roots. You can use a handheld weeder or a hoe. If you need to use herbicides, you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions. These include proper handling, clothing, and application procedures.

Types of Weed and Herbicides

There are different types of weeds, and most herbicides deal with either broad leaf weeds or weedy grasses, and not both. You should also keep in mind that many herbicides, called selective herbicides, can only deal with certain weed types. Non-selective herbicides can kill plants that absorb the product. You need to be extra cautious when using this type of herbicide.

Pre-Emergent and Post-Emergent Herbicides

Pre-emergent products are for controlling weeds before they are visible. These are common for dealing with annual weeds like crabgrass. Post-emergent products, however, are used when the problem is evident. These herbicides can deal with perennial, annual, and biennial weeds. For weeds that grow indefinitely, controlling is better in the fall or spring.

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Weed and Feed Products

These contain herbicides and fertilizers. These may seem a great choice for many lawn owners, as it can supply nutrients and control weeds. The truth is, however, you cannot always depend on these products if you want great results. It is best to fertilize alone and treat weeds with the right product. You may want to ask an expert if you like to use weed and feed products.

Weeds can compromise the overall look of your lawn. If the problem seems too overwhelming to handle, you should consult lawn care professionals. Doing this can control the problem safely and effectively, and leave you with a green, healthy grass.