Live Large in Your Small Home: How to Make a Small Space Appear Larger

Small Home Itching to remodel or simply arrange furniture around your home? Make the room appear larger by mixing and matching the pieces of furniture and colours in your home.

Multipurpose Furniture

For home which doesn’t have enough space to accommodate separate spaces for entertaining and eating, use furniture that can be used for multiple purposes such as ottomans and low tables for sitting and for eating.

For narrow rooms, break the space by crafting separate seating sections with smaller pieces of furniture. Also, utilise mirrors to effectively bathe the whole room in light, making it appear spacious.

Continuous Colour and Windows

A light, soft colour that runs all throughout a small space will drive your focus to the window that features lovely views of the garden. Also, consider keeping wall hangings or artwork to a minimum to keep the space from appearing too cramped.

Lighting Shouldn’t be Optional

Use a lighting fixture as a focal piece if your space lacks ample floor or wall space. Whether you are into traditional chandeliers or something completely outrageous, a lighting fixture in your ceiling won’t eat up space. Sufficient lighting can illuminate even the smallest rooms.

Declutter Your Space

In smaller rooms, keeping things organised, simple and orderly can go a long way. For instance, neutral coloured walls or floors in cool beige or grey are perfect for a minimalist look. Get help from professional painters and decorators in Wellington for more tricks and ideas to declutter your space. According to Capital Decorators Ltd, consider getting experts to do the painting job for you. Painting services done by novices can come out with shabby results and mismatched colours.

Laying Low

Space is measured both vertically and horizontally. For a house with a low ceiling, choose furniture that is lower in scale to make your ceiling appear higher than it actually is.

Make a Statement

For a small bedroom, make the bed your statement piece — a dramatic and big four-poster bed will do. This play on scale will make it seem like your room is larger that it really is.

Divide and Conquer

Partitioning space in an already small room may seem unreasonable, but it’s actually a perfect example of prioritization. If you’re renovating and trying to create more space, say for a home office, divide space with drapes, dividers or even floor to ceiling bookcases.

A small space should not be a reason not to make your home lovely and spacious-looking. You just need to take advantage of the principles of design to do the trick.