More than a Chore: Motivating Yourself to Clean

Home CleaningThe mere thought of cleaning your home — let alone your room — is enough to make you groan. The thought of dust bunnies reining supreme in your space calls for immediate response: cleaning. You know you have to do it and you will — but maybe not now. Maybe tomorrow or maybe sometime soon.

The next thing you know, a week has passed and the house is still filthy.

Your home is an important personal space. According to AA Cleaning Ltd, a cleaning specialist in Auckland, regular cleaning improves your home aesthetically and for your health as well. If you have been planning to clean but lost the motivation, worry not. Gathering the will to clean is easier than you think.

Get it Done in the Morning

Rather than set the cleaning aside for later, do it in the morning. The will to clean lessens as you brush it off continuously and further into the day until finally, you completely forget about it. When you clean at the beginning of the day, you free up the rest of your schedule for other activities.

Cleaning in the morning guarantees a sense of accomplishment. You need not worry about doing it later because you have already done it.

Cleaning Routine with Some Music

Cleaning can be a bit dull and uninspiring. After all, nothing exciting happens when you scrub or clean the drapes.

Put some life into your routine by listening to your favourite tunes. When you turn on the radio or sync your MP3 to your playlist, the music adds excitement to the cleaning. Choose fast and upbeat tunes to help you work faster. If you are feeling it, you can also dance along while you polish or scrub. Not only do you clean your home, you also lose some calories in the process.

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Set a Schedule and Keep It

A schedule organises your plan for the day. If you write down all your tasks for the day and the time for each, you get things done easier. Set a cleaning schedule for the house at least twice a week for an hour. Initially, sticking to the schedule is difficult but with determination, you can pull it off.

Cleaning is not a chore you should dread. Look at it as a rewarding experience that builds a happier life through a cleaner and brighter space.