Motel Upgrades Minus Major Renovations

MotelLeasing a motel can be a lucrative business venture if you are willing to promote it as an affordable place of rest and relaxation. Most people check in simply to sleep or as a midway point for their travels, but there are motels that have gained popularity because their rooms promote an airy and relaxing atmosphere.

Resort Brokers Australia shares affordable and easy upgrades for your motels:

Go Cool and Monochrome

Cool colours give a calming effect, while going monochrome makes the room appear wider. Minimising prints and removing boarders allow your lodgers to feel blissful in a room that does not give visual boundaries. As a final touch, paint the furnishings with the same hue and use the same colour spectrum for your sheets, curtains and rugs.

Let the Light Shine in

Added illumination always improves the feel of a room. Put in a few more lighting fixtures, such as lamps and hanging lights. Illuminating an area gives it an expansive feel, more so if it’s natural light. Sunlight can also add a relaxing element into any room, so make sure your drapes are open when necessary.

Go Green

Adding plants into the overall decor of your motel not only integrates cool colours for a more peaceful ambiance, but also aerates the room. It may mean additional maintenance and upkeep for your staff, but the benefits outweigh the added cost and effort. Choose jars and planters made of clay or wood to add a natural look for your motel interiors.

These upgrades do not require building or tearing anything down, which can be a great option if you are only leasing the motel. Once implemented, these improvements will add to your motel’s service and popularity.