Move Property Fast: Getting Your House Ready for a Quick Sale

House For SaleIt’s not easy to sell a house. A variety of factors affects whether your house sells in days, weeks, months or years. By carefully evaluating your house, you might increase the chance of a faster sale.

Take a Good Look

Check your property and identify any problematic areas. Buyers will not pay full price for a home with a leaking roof or cracked foundations. If you do sell, you will likely have to sell at a lower price than you would like. Take the time to repair any glaring damages. A simple facelift can do wonders for a buyer’s first impression. Many homeowners buy with their emotions and if you get them to love your place at first sight then that’s half the battle done.

Know if Your Price is Right

Often, you would price your home for sale much higher than the going market rate. This can be a reason for your house to stay on the market for years. Sentiment may push you to increase the price of your home, but buyers will not share the same feelings. Check comparable houses for sale to get a feel for the market or consult with property valuers for expert advice. Don’t hesitate to get some help, as you can get a fair evaluation.

Simple Improvements

Adding a garage or a spare bedroom can increase the value of your home. Spare bedrooms are particularly attractive because they add flexibility to the home. It also means that you can widen your market: two- to three-bedroom homes attract the attention of couples planning to have children or families that are looking to move to a bigger home. Some improvements, however, are not always worth it. Near-commercial upgrades to the kitchen, for example, do not add much value for buyers.

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Don’t Forget

Most buyers can tell if the owner wants to sell quickly and give a much lower offer. If you need to move your house quickly, leave room to compromise, but be firm with your bottom line. A house that buyers deem worth the cost will be able to move fast.