Moving Vs. Staying: What Should be Your Choice?

Home Renovation in Australia With a growing family or having to take care of elderly parents, many face the dilemma of having to move or stay put and make renovations or additions to their existing home. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. Buying and moving into a new home has its good points – there is no need to think too much about the inconvenience to neighbours. But it would also mean signing up for a new mortgage and incurring extra expenses. There are quite a few benefits of staying put and making additions to an existing home.

Why home extension is a good idea? Learn about the benefits of home renovations and extensions.

Cost to Value ratio: Statistics show that extensions and renovations in Perth do pay for themselves in the end. Upgrades add value to a home and the money can be recovered if the house is sold.

Less expensive: It is less expensive to stay than to move to a new house – property taxes will be higher if you move. There are many added costs of moving, including closing costs.

Additional space: Working with a reputable renovation and extension company in Perth will help give your home the added space that you need without the hassle of moving to a new and bigger house.

Granny Flats WA reminds everyone to keep in mind that extensions will need a lot of planning and work, too. Permits may be necessary. Work with a good contractor to ensure that the work is done without complications.

Before you pack and move to a new house for your growing family, consider building extensions and renovating your home. For sure, you have precious memories that you don’t want to leave there.